Feel the power of play

Feel playful, energized and connected wherever you are, whenever you want.


for friends and familly 🎲

Are you tired of playing the same old Trivia, Jackbox or Kahoot game with your friends and family and want to play something more engaging, more connecting? Something that will leave you connected, energized, uplifted and creative? Get in the flow now!

Play now

for your team 🎳

We don't spend enough time at work to play.
We often take our work and responsibilities too seriously. Play is so important to foster connection, collaboration, safety and motion within the team! You want to get into the habit of playing with your team? before your meetings? Before brainstorming or ideation meetings?


on demand ⏰

Are you down today and feeling that everything you say is wrong, you don't have the energy, you don't feel well? You want to feel creative and well? Do you have an upcoming date? a job interview? and you are hell stressed? Come get your energy break in community and upgrade your brain right now!


🧠 It's good for our brain

When we play it sollicitate the pre-frontal cortex part of our brain (instead of the amygdala), as we play we get to feel more safe in our life. It’s like mental fitness.

♥️ It makes us feel well

As Brian Sutton Smith says "play is the opposite of depression".

🔋 It recharges our battery

Play gives us resilience and replenishes the reserve that we have. Play turns us into rechargeable batteries.

👫It deepens relationships with your playmates

As Plato says, you can discover more about a person in hour of play than a year of conversation.